Going Ballistic Podcast



90 – Are you Koala-fied?

Ryan and Jason catch up and discuss what it means to be "Koala-fied," they answer some live chat questions, and Ryan breaks down a rifle review. If you'd like to support a new venture, please go see Musket and Hatchet Beard Company to see their awesome beard oils and...

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88 – Painting a Rifle

The Cleckner boys are back talking about all things guns and shooting! Ryan and Jason cover lots of live viewer questions, they discuss how they have too many guns and too much gear, their upcoming elk hunting trips, and Ryan does a quick dive into how to paint a...

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86 – Get The Lead Out

D-Lead Soap Ryan mentioned a complete listing of all firearm contests and gun giveaways (without referral/affiliate links). Check out the list! Also, wondering how much an FFL costs? Visit RocketFFL to find out! Ryan uploaded a Barrett MRAD review where he lists every...

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