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Is Benchmade Anti-Gun?

Tune in to episode 24 as Ryan discusses the latest online outrage, Benchmade destroying guns and contributing to anti-gun Democrat politicians. A few points are discussed about the issue including: Is destroying guns always bad? Was a felony committed by making a...

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79 – Technical Glitches

Ryan and Jason wax poetic about all things guns. Check out GunUniversity.com to see Ryan's latest articles on What is MOA and his firearm reviews: Sig P365 CCW 9mm Review, Glock 43x Single Stack 9mm Review, and Glock 48 Review. Looking for a new set of ear-pro for...

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023 – Bump Stock Ban Summary

Bump Stock Ban Summary “Bump-fire stocks” have effectively been banned for average gun-owners. The Trump administration has “re-defined” these devices as machine guns and is giving American citizens 90 days to turn them in or destroy them or they will be felons....

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