Children’s Safety Book

“An excellent book to help teach your kids about gun safety, as well as keep them entertained with great pictures and a good story.”  –Amazon Reviewer



From the Back Cover:

Alice and Jack are busy kids! Like any busy kid, they make mistakes.

Fortunately, their parents are understanding and quick to forgive. But when Jack goes to visit his Gramps, who owns a gun, Jack and Alice both learn that you cannot make mistakes around guns. There s only one you!

Firearm Safety is No Accident is for parents who want to educate their children about the importance of firearm safety, whether the lesson relates to their own home, or going to a friend s house. Ensure your children stay safe by knowing the proper response upon seeing a gun, so accidents don t happen!

This illustrated, engaging book not only teaches children, but also illustrates how your child can inform their friends about firearm safety.

What better way to keep kids safe than have them help one another?

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What Readers are Saying

An excellent book to help teach your kids about gun safety, as well as keep them entertained with great pictures and a good story.

Amazon Customer


I really enjoyed this book and it fills a much needed area. It’s perfectly geared to kids and the rhyming and ilistrations will keep their attention. It’s not pro gun or anti right down the middle and gets the point across. This book should be read in grade schools everywhere.



This is a great way to introduce all kids to firearm safety whetherr there are guns in your house or at a friends house.



Download this book this evening and read it to my children and they absolutely loved it! We preach gun safety to our children all the time but it’s nice to have a different angle of approach. Ryan’s book is well written and very easy to understand, it’s a book that children will actually like!

Amazon Customer


This little book is clear and concise. The love for our children cannot be replaced. The message of firearms safety for children is for everyone. You can’t be there all the time, make sure that they know what to do.



My two and a half year old loves this book. Very well done and thought out. We have guns in the home and this gave me the perfect opportunity to start talking to him about them in a way he better understands.



Dealing with children every day, I would love to recommend this book to parents. Children are curious. This could be enough to open lines of communication about gun safety. Thanks for this.



A must have if you have kids, nephews/nieces, grandkids. I will definitely be reading this to my son. Education and safety must be started early and this is a great start.