Going Ballistic Podcast



30 -SOT Registration

In this episode, Ryan talks about what an SOT is, what it can do, and how to register. He covers the 3 classes of special occupational taxpayers for making, importing, and/or selling NFA firearms like silencers, machine guns, etc.  June is the time of year for SOT...

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98 – Guess Who’s Back!

From Ryan Cleckner: "I missed you all!  I'm finally back and hoping to get things going again - you can help encourage this by spreading the word about the podcast to friends. I'm considering this podcast turning into my general gun related podcast, starting a new one...

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27 – 80% Receivers

80% receivers – what are they, how can you legally make one, marketing requirements and how to be careful with what you’re doing. 80% is a marketing term, not a legal definition It’s got nothing to do with how much of the firearm is completed Could also be referred to...

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