Going Ballistic Podcast

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31 – California Mag Ban

Ryan Cleckner follows up on his recent article – CA Mag Ban Explained.  The ruling that the Cali mag ban violates your 2nd and 5th amendment rights.  But, does that mean it’s now technically legal to buy magazines in California?  Maybe not. Complete show notes here!...

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30 -SOT Registration

In this episode, Ryan talks about what an SOT is, what it can do, and how to register. He covers the 3 classes of special occupational taxpayers for making, importing, and/or selling NFA firearms like silencers, machine guns, etc.  June is the time of year for SOT...

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27 – 80% Receivers

80% receivers – what are they, how can you legally make one, marketing requirements and how to be careful with what you’re doing. 80% is a marketing term, not a legal definition It’s got nothing to do with how much of the firearm is completed Could also be referred to...

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Is Benchmade Anti-Gun?

Tune in to episode 24 as Ryan discusses the latest online outrage, Benchmade destroying guns and contributing to anti-gun Democrat politicians. A few points are discussed about the issue including: Is destroying guns always bad? Was a felony committed by making a...

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023 – Bump Stock Ban Summary

Bump Stock Ban Summary “Bump-fire stocks” have effectively been banned for average gun-owners. The Trump administration has “re-defined” these devices as machine guns and is giving American citizens 90 days to turn them in or destroy them or they will be felons....

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