In the Long Range Shooting Handbook, I reference various pieces of information that can be found on this website.  These extra resources include images and/or links to certain products or websites.  Please see the extra resources for chapters of the book which referenced extra information below:

Chapter 7 - Selecting the Right Rifle, Scope, and Ammunition
Chapter 8 - Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Chapter 9 - Units of Measurement
Chapter 10 - Ballistics
Chapter 11 - Environmental Effects
Chapter 13 - Scope Mounting and Setup
Chapter 14 - Shooting
Chapter 15 - Spotting
Chapter 16 - Zeroing Your Rifle
Chapter 17 - Alternate Positions
Chapter 18 - Estimating and Adjusting for Target Distance
Chapter 19 - Estimating and Adjusting for Wind
Chapter 20 - Estimating and Adjusting for Angles
Ballistic Tables
Log Book
Target 10x
Target 8x
Target 4x
Target Irons
Target Camo

Target Camo