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Mayday Safety is up and running!

Mayday Safety is up and running! Ryan's newest project, among other things, is an effort to help reactions to emergencies by providing a school safety program and tools.

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18-Month Long Range Shooting Handbook Update

I can't believe that it has already been 18 months!  The Long Range Shooting Handbook is selling better than ever and I'm working hard on the advanced version.... it's coming soon! Here's some stats about how the book is doing thanks to your support: Over 25,000...

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The “El Cheapo” Rifle Contest

My cousin, Jason Cleckner, and I decided to hold a rifle building competition. He had just finished building his precision AR-15 rifle and he was eager to start another project. His plan was to build a budget AR-15 and I told him he was crazy - surely you could buy a...

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Meet Ryan Cleckner


Ryan is a problem solver with a passion for education. His experience as a combat veteran, nationally recognized safety expert, and a parent of children in Williamson County schools, makes him uniquely qualified to help protect our children.


The safety of children should be a school’s number one priority. After all, learning can not occur in an environment that isn’t safe and nurturing. Parents entrust a school system with their children – it is a sacred trust that our children will be safe when they’re at school.


Ryan’s diverse background makes him particularly suited for the board of education. 


He has served as a special operations sniper on multiple combats deployments and as an emergency medical techinican (EMT-I). He is a husband, father, attorney specializing in federal regulatory compliance, best-selling author, Constitutional law university lecturer, executive, and entreprenuer.

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