Helpful suggestions from Ryan on shipping firearms both in-state and across state lines including tips about the major carrier options.


Why to ship instead of fly.

Intrastate – not a “transfer” needing an FFL
Interstate – to yourself or FFL only (To you, care of (c/o) the other person – not transfer if unopened)

Keep box un-taped for possible inspection and declare the firearm.

Handguns – non FFL use UPS or FedEx only.
Ammo – Use UPS or FedEx only – GROUND. Must be marked ORM-D/diamond.

No law that I know of about ammo and firearm in same box (rules only)

USPS – US Mail

• Long-guns only for non-FFL
• Best for price/insurance
• No ammo
• Include a “Return Service Requested” endorsement.
• Ship using Priority Mail Express.
• Signature is required and must be used at delivery

UPS – FFLs only (their rules)

• Should not identify firearm (label/box)
• Handguns overnight
• Ammo ground-only marked 66lb max


• No markings (must not)
• Ammo in separate package

Have a copy of your FFL

Get your FFL here.