80% receivers – what are they, how can you legally make one, marketing requirements and how to be careful with what you’re doing.

  • 80% is a marketing term, not a legal definition
  • It’s got nothing to do with how much of the firearm is completed
  • Could also be referred to as non-firearms
  • Refer back to Episode Two – Firearm Definitions
    • Four basic definitions & two are relevant here
    • Anything that can be readily converted into a firearm
    • Test = whether it can go bang and a projectile comes out
  • What does readily converted mean?
    • ATF explanation
    • Arbitrary line = trigger pockets
  • Why? Federal law permits lawful citizens (not prohibited) to manufacture their own firearms for personal use
    • Always check and follow your state laws
    • Can you sell it? Yes, so long as that wasn’t your original intention. 
    • Intend to sell? Get an FFL.
  • How to build a Glock? Learn how on Gun University
  • Always be absolutely certain something is in fact an 80% receiver and not a firearm
  • Build parties
  • NFA firearms – can you make them?
  • Making a silencer? Approval first – parts second.


  • Holidays are here – buying a firearm?
  • What’s a bonafide gift?
  • Recommendation = gift certificates
  • Guns or gun accessories – 2019 Gift Guide