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For the first time, Jason Cleckner (Ryan’s cousin) joins us for the discussion.  Jason is an avid outdoorsman and hunter (he is a Cleckner, after all) but he is just getting started in the world of long range precision shooting.  By having Jason join us, we hope to have a break from Ryan talking the entire time and also have a buffer where Jason may ask the questions that your thinking as we explore each episode’s topics.  Please give us feedback on the format.

In this episode we discuss whether you should customize and/or convert an old hunting rifle into a precision target rifle or whether you should sell the old rifle and start new.  While discussing this, Jason and Ryan explore the pros and cons of different barrel mounting systems and their costs.  The Cleckner boys also discuss what spin drift is and briefly how to compensate for it.  A deeper discussion will be had in future episodes.

After the podcast, Jason and I discussed these sights some more and we talked about the gradual shift left that can be seen in the picture below.  During the podcast, I called it a curve which threw him (and possible you too) off – he has confirmed that the rifle he was looking at (1895 Mauser) also has the slight shift left.