I have some wonderful news – the Long Range Shooting Handbook has been out for 14 months now and it is still a bestseller (in 3 separate Amazon categories!), over 20,000 copies have been sold so far, and almost $50,000 has been raised and donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundationand the Sua Sponte Foundation! There’s one reason for this this – your amazing support. Thank you for helping by leaving good feedback and spreading the word.

Amazon Bestesller

After 14 months, the Long Range Shooting Handbook is still dominating the bestseller charts!  I’m aware that this will surely come to an end soon, but I’m thankful for the long run so far! It’s also nice to confidently call the Long Range Shooting Handbook a bestseller – some books make the charts for a few minutes only and they make the same claim. 🙂

It is currently the #1 bestseller in the following Amazon categories: 1) Hunting and Fishing, 2) Shooting, and 3) Military Technology.  (You can see a whole lotta’ orange in these pictures)