Q: For a target setup, does it matter if i get a carbon steel blued receiver vs a stainless receiver? Will they both offer the same results, performance etc? Are the Remington actions forged or machined? I was told Savage casts theirs.

Is there any sort of dimensions I need to make sure my action and barrel both have to ensure they fit before ordering from separate distributors? If I wanted to be able to do a Remage setup like you talked about so I could install the barrel myself, would I still need to have the headspace checked? This is my first project rifle. I am on a limited budget, and want a nice shooting setup. If i can save a few dollars and still have an exceptionally accurate rifle I would prefer to go that route. Especially if I can save $ from gunsmithing fees to put toward ammo.

A: Stainless is harder and heavier than carbon steel.  I really like stainless barrels because they should last longer.  However, i seem to like carbon receivers the best.  I’m not sure whether it’s a perceived or real difference but I think that carbon receivers “wear-in” a little better and get smoother.  Also, stainless on stainless (barrel and receiver) can actually bind a bit on assembly – it effectively fuses together and can cause binding issues on install.  IMHO, go carbon receiver and stainless barrel.

Remington machines their receivers.
If you do a “Remage” setup you must ABSOLUTELY check head-space.  In fact, you’ll need some quality headspace gauges in order to install the barrel yourself.