Ryan Cleckner made a guest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Minneapolis city council defining police in June and then being surprised when violent crime increased by September.

Ryan responded to Tucker’s comments about the issue by saying “Shhhhhhocking…that this could happen. Defunding police empowers criminals. I honestly don’t know what is worse, that they thought of the idea to defund the police or that they’re surprised by the results.”

“This happening in blue states with blue governors, in blue cities with blue mayors, and blue DAs many of whom, by the way, have had their campaigns funded with George Soros and other left wing activists that just want to watch America burn are getting what they paid for.”

As a follow-up to noting how record gun sales are occurring because many first time gun owners are realizing that they’re in charge of their own safety, Ryan added “I’m told all the time by anti-gunners that I don’t need a gun because we have the police. Well, I think that’s absurd on its face. I still have a fire extinguisher even though we have a fire department.”