If you’re interested in Concealed Carry, you really should check out RECOIL’s Concealment Magazine!

One of the regular features in the magazine is Everyman EDC where they feature the Everyday Carry (or, “pocket dump”) of various people.

In this most recent issue, they featured what I carry and why in their Everyman EDC section. Here’s a preview:

List and explain each of your EDC items
SIG SAUER P365 with Barnes 115-grain TAC-XPD
The P365 is the perfect blend for me of size, shoot-ability, and capacity. With a backup mag, I can carry 25 rounds of 9mm in a micro-sized handgun that I competently shoot. I carry it either appendix or ankle carry.

. . .

iPhone w/Mayday Safety App
Even when I can’t carry my SIG or my Benchmade, I have the Mayday app to notify those around me, my family, and any organization I’m a part of — worldwide — with my exact location.

. . .

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
My first responsibility is to keep me and my loved ones safe — it’s not to get into a gunfight. Situational awareness and avoiding bad situations goes a long way. Be smart, be aware, and if violence is needed as a last resort, be swift.


Read more: http://www.recoilweb.com/everyman-edc-3-141447.html#ixzz5RfFwCaIJ