Another Throwback Thursday from Afghanistan. This was from 2002 on an observation point in Asadabad. At the time of this picture, this area was freshly established by U.S. forces – it has become a popular photo-op location since.

For those of you that have heard my story of the time we survived an engagement with the “Taliban Navy,” it happened on that river in the background.

You may laugh or doubt the existence of the Taliban Navy but that’s just because so few have faced the fearsome force and lived to tell the tale. For example, within days after this picture, they cleverly camouflaged their warship to look like it was just a dude with an RPG floating down the river on an inner-tube. Very sneaky.

Note that I’m carrying my Mk-12 SPR again. If you’ve already read the Long Range Shooting Handbook, you already know how much I loved that rifle. If you haven’t read it yet, pick up your copy┬átoday!